Transform The Look Of Your Venue With Uplighting

Venue reception Uplighting is the new way of transforming your room and giving you that wow factor for your day. It brings a boring or plain looking venue to life and is now becoming the ‘must have’ as more couples see how they can transform their reception room using their chosen colour scheme.

The Uplights will project vertical beams of colour up any surface giving a beautiful backdrop to your room. You can have the Uplights set to a chosen colour scheme for the whole day or have them fade / flash to a different colour scheme for the evening.

The benefits of Uplighting:

  • A cost effective and a new way of transforming your venue providing that instant visual effect.
  • The Uplights are very energy efficient so the venues power circuits won’t be overloaded.
  • Any pictures taken are greatly enhanced.
  • The Uplights do not get hot so guests will not be harmed if they touch the units.
  • The uses are endless!

Why choose JSE to install the Uplighting:

  • For the best effect, we pay good attention to detail when positioning the Uplights.
  • Many Uplights are available to cover large venues or even several rooms.
  • For everyone’s peace of mind, we hold the required Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificates.
  • If needed, a dedicated controller can be used to link all the Uplights together to ensure total control over the selected colour scheme and simultaneous changes.


What’s included when booking:

  • A meeting to discuss ideas along with a demonstration of your chosen colour scheme.
  • Delivery with an early day setup time to install the Uplights, controllers, wiring and accessories before your guests arrive.
  • PLI and PAT Certificates are presented to the venue for their records.

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