A Special Backdrop With Twinkling Starcloths

For an out of this world experience, try a starlit backdrop

Whether it’s for a wedding reception or a party, when the the organisers book an entertainments company they want to create a special atmosphere that’s going to transport their guests into another world for the evening.

When guests turn up at a village hall, community centre or hotel reception room for your event, they want to feel they’re somewhere special. They want an experience that’s out of this world, something that takes them out of their everyday lives.

It takes more than a few balloons to transform a venue (though don’t knock them, balloons are always fun), and I’ve got a number of tricks up my sleeve: up-lighting, laser displays, confetti cannon and we can even create a carpet of dry ice so a bride can “dance on the clouds”.

But one of the most popular effects I bring to a party, which is really great for wedding receptions, is our “twinkling star-cloth” backdrops.

This often gets booked in conjunction with the colourful venue uplighting I offer as it’s part of a complete venue decoration service because it can turn any neutral, white painted wall into something special, especially as a backdrop to the top table or around the dancefloor.

It serves a practical purpose too. We can hide the main party lighting stands behind the backdrop so the guests can’t see the metal framework and all wiring we need for the set, just leaving the lights neatly poking out over the top.  

We always prioritise safety with all of our equipment and the backcloth is no exception. It’s made of fireproof treated serge wool, which is probably more than you can say for some sheets pinned up to the wall. When you’ve got a lot of hot lighting units and electrical cable set up at the venue, it’s an important consideration. 

So if you’re looking for a venue that looks out-of-this-world, book our twinkling star-cloth backdrop.

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