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Getting the music right for your wedding day

I know that I often blog about all the fantastic gadgets I use to make a special event really special, but if you want to create the perfect event, you’ve got to get the music right.

That’s great for me because I’m a DJ first and foremost, so I understand that music is all about feeling. It’s important to get everyone feeling the right way, especially at a wedding, whether you’re at a hotel venue, registry office or a church.

I consider myself a specialist when it comes to weddings, but that’s because I’m a perfectionist – and a bit of a romantic as well – so I want to do them right.

Ceremonial music – the wrong way and the right way

Too often I’ve had to sit through a ceremony when the bride’s gone with the venue’s promise to provide the music, only for it to consist of the off-duty barman fumbling about with a couple of CDs and a little CD player at the back of the room. Venues don’t always put as much importance on the music as I do.

I make sure I bring in the right kit for the job and use a proper sound system. All the music is digitised, edited and put on a playlist so that it’s tailored to every step of the ceremony. And I always check out the venue first, so there are no surprises.

Choosing the music

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The process starts a long time before the big day as far as I’m concerned. I get involved at the planning stages when I sit down with the happy couple – well, sometimes the groom joins us, but it’s usually the bride who knows what she wants!

I have a few handy tips for brides-to-be thinking about the music to choose:

  • Avoid awkward or controversial music that might offend.
  • Choose what you want. Brides often go for traditional but if you have a favourite track or taste in music, then why not incorporate some?
  • Avoid awkward silences during the ceremony.
  • Little known fact – I’m not allowed to play religious music at a civil wedding.


Sometimes I get unusual requests for a themed wedding, or you may be into gothic or rock music or something more obscure, but if you tell me what you want, I do the research and I purchase it for you.

Tastes change from year to year, depending on who’s popular. A few years ago everyone wanted Michael Buble but I reckon this year it might be all Ed Sheeran.

Adapting the music

Because I purchase the music with all the playing rights, I’m free to edit a tune so it fits what you want (a good idea if you like “(Everything I do) I do it for you” by Bryan Adams).

Or you may want me to loop your favourite part of a track.

By the end of the process, I’ll put together the playlist you want, with the right queues so I know what to play and at what point in the proceedings.

The order of ceremonies

This is how a typical wedding ceremony normally runs:

The entrance and procession

When your guests enter the room, you probably want around five or six tracks (25 minutes’ worth) while they find their seats.

When you make your entrance, pick something attention-grabbing and processional. It needs to be obvious when you enter the room. Once, I was asked to play a really long intro before the bride came through the door and people were looking at me wondering if she was going to turn up at all!

I know I said gadgets weren’t as important as the music but I‘ve had brides walk down the aisle on a cloud of dry ice – absolutely beautiful.

Signing the registry

The next point when music is needed is during the signing of the register. I plan for two to three tracks while pictures are taken, then there’s a final track for the recessional as the couple leave as a married couple, so I go for something upbeat as the confetti flies.

I do my best to give every ceremony a personal touch but the main thing for me is to be totally professional so your ceremony goes smoothly and seamlessly.

PA Hire For Background Music / Speeches

Your choice of daytime background music will be played during the drinks arrival and wedding breakfast.  A Microphone will be available for those important speeches and toasts.

What’s Included

  • For your ceremony music choices, just logon to the event planner and add your chosen tracks.  This will then be finalised at the meeting.
  • The sound system for the ceremony and wedding breakfast will be setup in good time and sound checked before you arrive at the venue.
  • The Sound booth will be positioned out the way along with any other setup equipment.
  • You will receive a helpful information sheet with important advice for your speeches and toasts.
  • For the speeches, the Microphone volume will be controlled by a crew member.
  • After the speeches (If need be) the DJ sound booth can be moved to another position.
  • All insurance and PAT certifications will be passed onto the venue for their records.


A complete sound production and equipment setup all day service to give you the hassle free day that you deserve.

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