Dancing On The Clouds For Your First Dance

Picture the first dance at your wedding reception.  The music starts, you step onto the dancefloor and everything else stops – you are the focus of attention of every guest.  But you don’t glide across a disco floor or a function room carpet, you literally ‘Dance on a cloud’.  That’s the effect dry ice can create and it can be captured for posterity on your wedding film.

You’ve probably seen dry ice used in a hundred horror films, creating a graveyard fog or bubbling over the top of a beaker full of a dangerous potion, but it’s not just for Halloween – it’s becoming popular at more romantic events like parties, proms and white weddings.  A bride and groom “dancing on the clouds” is as romantic as you can get.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is the industry name for frozen carbon dioxide, or CO2. If you lower the temperature of any substance, it will turn into a solid, and it’s no different for a gas. Once it’s below minus 78.5 degrees centigrade it turns into a very cold solid.

How to use Dry Ice effects

Unlike water ice, once the temperature of dry ice rises above its freezing point, it doesn’t melt into a wet liquid (hence “dry” ice). It turns directly into its gas form, creating a cloud of fog. It’s also heavier than air so it sinks to the floor and forms a thick cloud. We hire our dry ice machine to clients to create a blanket of low cloud across the dancefloor. The effect can last for several dances, but a wedding video will capture the romantic scene for a lifetime of memories. Or, if you prefer, you can add a few gravestones for a monster rave at your Halloween party.

How safe is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is just frozen carbon dioxide, so it’s odourless, has no taste and is totally harmless so long as you use it in a well-ventilated room. The only thing you do need to be careful of is its temperature. Because of the very low temperature needed to make dry ice, you should only handle the pellets wearing gloves. Brief contact on your skin won’t cause harm, but prolonged exposure will cause skin cells to die and you can get an injury just like a burn.


The pellets have to stay at a temperature well below what your fridge freezer at home can manage, so they can’t be stored for long. I order my supply for an event a day or two beforehand and they are normally delivered in insulated boxes so they’ll last a short time. After that, you’ll end up with a box full of air! We can’t breathe CO2 so I always make sure my supply is stored and used in a well-ventilated room; too high a concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is definitely not good for you.

Add a dash of Dry Ice to your event

So long as you plan carefully and take some basic precautions, or you hire someone like me who’s experienced at getting the right effect you want with dry ice, then you can create anything from a spooky graveyard effect to a magical dance floor straight from a Hollywood classis. If you’d like more information about using dry ice, then please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

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