The Explosive Confetti 'Firework' Effect

The demand to make an event go with a bang rises every year and it’s getting harder to come up with something new. But one special effect is becoming really popular for adding sparkle to a grand finale – confetti!

We are not talking about party poppers or a handful of paper shapes, but confetti blowers and cannons that deliver a fantastic firework effect both indoors and outside.  You see them at sports events all the time, from the Premier League to Formula One – fountains of multi-coloured metallic strips that shoot into the air to create a celebratory backdrop.

Now, the same machines can be hired for anything, from a product launch or awards ceremony to a 40th birthday party or even a wedding celebration.  But there are different types of machine out there so if you’re thinking about a confetti effect, you need to know what you want.

Be warned though, these machines throw out a lot of confetti so ask your entertainments planner if a clean-up is included in the price.  Here at Joe Smith Entertainments we offer it as a complementary service.

So if you want an event to go with a bang, why not add a bit of sparkle with confetti?

Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannons deliver a big but short-lasting one-off effect like a giant Roman candle, anything up to 20 metres high. They’re stunning but once the confetti is shot into the air, the effect only lasts as long as it takes for it to float to the ground. The show can be extended by wiring a chain of single-shot cannons together that can be triggered remotely and in sequence. Alternatively you can get multi-barrelled machines that can fire one after another.

Confetti Blowers

Blowers give a much longer effect depending on the amount of confetti you load into the machine. The confetti is blown out of a tube in a stream of air creating a glittering column or a swirling, multi-coloured cloud. These can be used really effectively in a low-ceilinged room because the confetti travels along the ceiling and can cover a dance floor. Machines like the LED Confetti Fountain can be paired up and synchronised to other effects or music with the touch of a button as part of a show. It’s also fitted with LED lights to enhance the glittery effect with the metallic strips.

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